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Hiring a wedding car for your special day is an important consideration and you need to know that you are getting the best for your day.

To help you get the right company for the job, here are a few questions we suggest you ask – and our answers to them! We supply wedding cars, with competitive tariffs and packages in Cumbernauld and the surrounding area...

One thing you need to remember – if the price seems too cheap to be ‘right’ then it probably is. Maintain wedding cars in correct working order takes time and MONEY – if a company offers you a ‘too good to be true price’, consider whether their cars are maintained properly.

What happens if the cars breakdown?

You might be told they have a spare car – seems a little extravagant to keep a vintage or luxury vehicle on standby, just in case the other breaks down! We maintain our cars in pristine condition. Our cars look great but look deeper in to the mechanical workings and you’ also find a fabulous car that is well maintained – in other words, they don’t break down on wedding day.

How long have you been operating?

Might not sound an obvious question as longevity doesn’t always mean quality – but it does mean that the company is managing itself correctly, and has been around a while. Quite often people will give you personal references and no surprise that some of the best loved wedding hire companies are those that have been around a while.

How experienced are you at weddings?

Quite often the more experience a company has at wedding driving, the smoother their operation. They know what can break the wedding day, making it look a complete disaster and what little touches can create an extra special sparkle to the transport. Timing and venues are the key aspects here.

How reliable are you?

This isn’t just about remembering the time to turn up on the day! Reliability is about all the little touches as well as ambience. This really comes down to customer references with many Cumbernauld couples willing to recommend our wedding hire firm to you. We are a full time wedding car company; some people use their ‘hobby’ car, a restored vintage model for example, as a part time job on the side. We do this all time and we know the pitfalls and the upsides.

Why not come and have a chat with us, and view our wonderful and cheap wedding cars; we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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